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          The Source

          Originally based upon the sale of products made from Town water, The Classic Mineral Water Company wanted to offer you our customers a more pure natural product. In 1980 the company carried out extensive geological research in the local area, this research led the company to bore down over 150 meters to research a layer of Ulster White Limestone Chalk, which runs between Lough Neagh and the Lagan Valley. The water, which has been collecting in this chalk aquifer proved to be extremely palatable and of high beneficial mineral content.

          Its composition and quality have remained unchanged for centuries because of the geological structure of the surrounding area. The unique location of Ireland in the western edge of Europe has resulted in an environment that is unspoilt and high in natural resources, for more than 60 million years basalt lava overlaying chalk has been subject to weathering and erosion which has resulted in the formation of a multi-layered mass of rock – an excellent filter 150 meters deep which permits only slow percolation of ground water. It is this long slow filtration that gives Classic Irish Water its exceptional purity and unique mineral composition.

          Mineral Water status is recognised as the highest standard for bottled water and in order to maintain this very high standard The Classic Mineral Water source is monitored on a daily basis by an independent laboratory, who analysis our products allowing you the customer full assurance of only the highest quality mineral water.

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